Join Us in Our Newest Tour – Taal Heritage Town Tour!

We all know of the famous Taal Volcano and the scenic Taal Lake, but have you heard of the Taal Heritage Town? Don’t worry, Culture Shock PH is now heading there!

Philippine Old Houses

Join us on our 1st Taal Heritage Town Tour on June 30, 2012 (Saturday) and experience walking through a whole town of well-preserved old houses. Imagine, a Spanish colonial town setting in the late 16th century to the 20th century in the Philippines. The whole town is practically a living museum!

Taal House


Taal Tour

Taal Tour

Taal Heritage Town

Taal Heritage Town Tour

Taal Heritage Town Tour

Taal Heritage Town Tour

Known as the Barong Tagalong and Balisong Capital of the Philippines, Taal Heritage Town also allows you to witness demonstrations of the longstanding tradition of handmade embroidery and of balisong decoration.

Taal Tour

Taal is also home to a number of heroes of the Philippine Revolution, including Dona Marcela Agoncillo, the principal seamstress of the Philippine flag. And yes, we’ll also get the opportunity to go inside her home.

Taal Tour

Philippine Tour

Notice the persons’s height in relation to the Church’s height

Finally, Taal Heritage Town is also the home to the Tallest Catholic Church in Asia with a height of 95 meters! This has been declared as National Shrine since 1974.

It’s just a few days to go ’til our Taal Heritage Town Tour, so make sure to book your trip now:!

See you on Saturday!

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