Cutud Lenten Rites March 29, 2013

Filipinos are one of the most devout Catholics in the world. We keep many rituals and practices in the form of feasts and other liturgical observances. While many of them are festive and colourful, some, like the Cutud Lenten Rites in Pampanga, are on the extreme side.

photo by Edelwiess Valeriano of

In many areas in the Philippines, re-enactments of the Passion of Christ in the form of senakulo are popular. In the barangay of San Fernando Cutud, however, passion plays are taken to the next level. Every Good Friday noon, penitents take to the streets and flagellate themselves. Under the scorching sun they imitate the steps of the Lord, as onlookers avidly snap photos. The culmination of this bloody procession – perhaps no longer surprising – is an actual crucifixion!

photo by Robin Pinzon of

Tourists from all over the world flock to this small district in the province of Pampanga to witness this spectacular devotion of faith. Join us on MARCH 29, 2013 and see this unique tradition for yourself!

You may book this tour here or by emailing us at

– San Fernando Cutud
– Atching Lillian Borromeo
– San Guillermo Church, Bacolor
– Betis Church

Duration: Day trip (6-8 hours)
Price: Php1,600.00/head
Inclusions: round trip transportation via chartered van, merienda, donation fees, personalized ID, and Culture Shock PH guide
Assembly time & place: 9:30AM at McDonald’s El Pueblo in Ortigas

*itinerary might vary slightly, depending on weather conditions or availability of certain stops/destinations on the given date

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  1. Wish i could have seen this earlier… Sayang..


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