Christmas Capital of the Philippines Fiesta: Giant Lantern Festival Tour 2013

Giant Lantern Festival Tour Christmas Pampanga Philippines Parol

Brighten up your Christmas this year and feast your eyes with the giant lanterns of the Christmas Capital of the Philippines! 🙂

December is never complete without a trip to the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga. Don’t worry, Culture Shock PH is heading out to Pampanga this Christmas season and we’d love your company. 🙂

The popularity of the Giant Lantern Festival paved the way for Pampanga to be dubbed as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines.” These dazzling lanterns measure an average of 40 feet in diameter with around a thousand bulbs each, providing a sparkling display of lights, which warm the hearts of its viewers.

Giant Lantern Festival Pampanga Tour

Photo of Mr. Robert John Cabagnot (Grand Prize Winner of Thunderbird Resorts’ Photo Contest 2011)

Giant Lantern Festival Pampanga Philippines Tour

Of course, a trip to Pampanga is never complete without feasting on their local cuisine. After all, the province is also known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines! Culture Shock PH is therefore integrating the Giant Lantern Festival with our Pampanga Food & Heritage Tour.

In tune with Kapampangan customs, locals whip up a feast for every meal time! Dishes featured in the tour emanate the distinct Kapampangan palate where flavors are never hushed as ingredients are always lavishly employed. Highlighted by Spanish and Chinese influences, lunch is a banquet of sisig, adobong puti, tidtad (dinuguan), and bobotong asan (stuffed bangus dish).

Food Local Cuisine Pampanga Culinary

Food Cuisine Pampanga Culinary Philippines

Food Cuisine Culinary Pampanga Philippines

Going beyond indulging the tastebuds, Culture Shock PH’s tour also provides you with a behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of food preparation, the Kapampangan way. Pampanga’s local keeper of heirloom recipes generously shares and demonstrates how their family-handed down recipes are made from scratch.

Pampanga Food Tour Cooking Demonstration Philippines

In between meals, marvel at the baroque churches and heritage houses, monuments of Pampanga’s illustrious history. Through these structures, locals share their personal religious devotion and their historical Mt. Pinatubo lahar survival story. Pampanga’s artistry is also highlighted with their wall-to-ceiling hand painted church interiors and their rich wood carving tradition, which is gaining much international attention.

Pampanga Wood Furniture Carving Art

Wood Carving Tradition Pampanga Art Furniture

Heritage Church Pampanga

Sistine Chapel of the Philippines Pampanga

>> Giant Lantern Festival Tour
Date: December 14, 2013 (Sat)
Price: Php2400/head
Package Inclusions:

  • Lunch
  • Merienda
  • Dinner
  • Round Trip Chartered Van
  • Entrance Fees
  • Guide Fees
  • Cooking Demonstration

Tour Highlights:

  • Lantern Festival Program
  • Cooking Demonstration at the house of Pampanga’s famous heirloom cook
  • Heritage Churches
  • Photogenic Showroom of Pampanga’s export quality woodworks

ETD: 10AM In Ortigas
ETA: 10:30PM in Ortigas

Book your trip now at :)

Let’s make this Christmas even more special! 🙂 See you at our Giant Lantern Festival Tour!

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