The Art Capital of the Philippines Party: Higantes Festival Tour 2013

Higantes Festival Tour Angono Rizal Philippines

Culture Shock PH is joining the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono, Rizal, in their majestic Higantes Festival! And you’re invited.

Festivals in the Philippines are always fun, but watch out when the Art Capital of the Philippines celebrates their fiesta!

Born out of protest against their Spanish landlords, the residents of Angono used their artistry to turn their frustrations into one of the biggest (literally!) parade of six to twelve foot paper mache giants (higantes), caricatures of their landlords. Today, the Higantes Festival is the annual celebration of San Clemente or Pope Clement I, patron saint of fishermen.

Culture Shock PH’s Higantes Festival Tour also takes you around Angono to witness their rich art, local stories, and food, engaging all of your senses.

Angono prides itself as the Art Capital of the Philippines and rightfully so as it has produced numerous musicians, carvers and painters two of which are National Artists. The art tour features the house of a Filipino National Artist for painting which houses his actual things, unfinished works and sketches. He is known for his many murals rich in color and representing Filipino history and way of life.

Art Angono Rizal Philippines

Art Culture Angono Rizal Philippines

Art Gallery Culture Museum Angono Rizal Philippines

Angono Rizal Philippines Art

The tour showcases museums and studios of individuals and even of entire families using various mediums such as painting, media collages, sculptures, and woodcrafts. A walk through their galleries will leave you speechless and inspired.

Woodwork Carving Angono Rizal Philippines Art

Paintings Angono Rizal Philippines Art

Art Gallery Museum Philippines Angono Rizal

Angono Rizal Art Culture Philippines Mask

The tour also presents restaurants-cum-art galleries of two artists considered as future national artists. This allows you to go through floor after floor of their artworks while waiting for your meal. One features Philippine mystical creatures such as the Tikabalang, Capre and Sirena which he masterfully depicts through painting, wood carving and cement sculpting. The other displays paintings, wood carvings and papier-mâché figures locally known as Higantes (giants).

Angono Rizal museum art gallery Philippines

Angono Rizal Art Culture Philippines

Mask Art Angono Rizal Philippines

The tour is not only a see tour but also a do and learn tour. Get your hands dirty as you are given the chance to paint and go through an art therapy class. Hear the local stories and learn about Angono’s roots of their art and culture.

Painting Class Art Workshop Angono Rizal Philippines

Art Workshop Angono Rizal Philippines

>> Higantes Festival Tour in Angono

Date: November 17, 2013 (Sunday)
Price: Php2000/head
Package Inclusions:

  • Lunch
  • Roundtrip chartered van
  • Culture Shock PH ID
  • Entrance fees
  • Guide fees
  • Art workshop


0530 Assembly at McDonald’s El Pueblo, Ortigas
0545 ETD for Angono
0630 ETA Angono. Proceed to Higantes Parade.
1000 Angono Art Town Tour
1230 Lunch at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant
1330 Resume Art Town Tour and Art Workshop
1530 ETD for Ortigas
1630 ETA Ortigas

Book your trip now at 🙂

Can’t wait to celebrate the Higantes Festival with you! See you!

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