Pahiyas & Mayohan Festival 2014! Book NOW!

May 15 is fast approaching! It’s time to celebrate one of the biggest and most colorful festivals of the Philippines, the Pahiyas Festival!


The SAN ISIDRO PAHIYAS FESTIVAL draws its name from the word “payas”, which refers to this painstaking effort of decorating the houses with the family’s bounty.  Every 15th of May, the people of Lucban, Quezon embezzle their houses with fruits, vegetables, grains and kiping – vibrant leaf-shaped rice wafers – in gratitude for a bountiful harvest. This celebration is the community’s way of thanksgiving for bountiful harvest in honor of the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro de Labrador.



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In another part of Quezon province lies a city not quite as flamboyant as the home of Pahiyas. This serene sister, Tayabas, honors the Patron Saint of Laborers in a less-frill-more-action way. The MAYOHAN FESTIVAL is famous for its Hagisan ng Suman (Throwing of Suman) which is a town sacrificial devotion that allows the community to share its prosperity. Spectators watching from balconies and bleachers throw from their lofts coins and suman especially made for the occasion. As they pass, this army of men fight to get as much suman as they can, jumping, nudging, but never brawling amongst each other. It is believed that those with numerous bundles of suman will have a prosperous year.



Join Culture Shock PH this May 15 and witness this summer finale of fiestas! Book your trip NOW at! =)

May 15 - Pahiyas

>>> Pahiyas & Mayohan Festival Tour

DATE: May 15

– Pahiyas Festival
– Mayohan Festival
– Basilica of Tayabas
– Sampling of Lambanog

– Round trip transportation via chartered van
– Lambanog sampling
– Donation fees
– Personalized ID
– Culture Shock PH guide.

RATE: Php1,300/head

Book your trip NOW at! =)

*Photos courtesy of Rael Villanueva and Tere Seballos

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