Who we are

CULTURE SHOCK PH is a travel group that advocates appreciation and preservation of Filipino culture & heritage through guided trips around the Philippines.

Our tours aim to educate travellers about the richness and diversity of the Philippines by letting them experience its culture first-hand. We seek the unusual yet relevant stories in every destination we offer. More than merely parroting facts and trivia, we strive to make history, culture and heritage come alive in our trips by engaging with people from the community and experts in the field. At the core of our tours is the desire to promote cultural appreciation, preservation and innovation.

Pushing aside its negative connotation, we give a fresh meaning to the concept of culture shock.

  • To be culture shocked means to be made aware of the Philippines’ richness and beauty one has not previously known.
  • To be culture shocked means to be amazed at the wealth of our culture and heritage.
  • To be culture shocked means to be inspired by how much the Philippines has to offer.

Tonyo the Tarsier
Tonyo is a Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) and is the official mascot of CULTURE SHOCK PH. His huge eyes represent our curiosity and wide-eyed wonder at the marvels of the Philippines.

Tour Offerings

  1. Food Tours
  2. Heritage Tours (city walks and provincial trips)
  3. Fiesta Tours
  4. Cultural Immersion Tours

For more information and for private bookings, email us at cultureshockph@gmail.com.

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