Looking for an art, heritage, and a food tour? Let Culture Shock PH take you on a ride to the coconut-bountiful province of Quezon.


Named after the Commonwealth president of the Philippines, Quezon is a province rich with culinary delights, charming heritage houses and churches, and artistry. The tour starts off in the captivating town of Sariaya where you can relive the life of the affluent coconut hacienderos of the olden times. Walk inside the colonial bahay na bato that used to house high powered meetings of former President Quezon and Claro M. Recto. Listen to the love and miracle stories behind the Art Deco style house designed by no other than the National Artist, Julian Nakpil. This house once served as a residence to Japanese Imperial Army officers.


The town of Tiaong, Quezon offers a gastronomic and artistic interactive experience at the home of the province’s renowned potter. His masterpieces are not exclusive to his earthenwares, his dishes are also works of art! Tour participants can not only purchase his works, but they can also witness the artist at his best, creating beautiful pottery.


Harvested and distilled in the city of Tayabas is the famed lambanog – one of the Philippines’ most potent liquors. This is made by painstakingly collecting coconut sap, fermenting it for several days and purifying it through distillation. The result is a smooth, crisp and powerful draught enjoyed not only in the barrios, but all over the world, as it is now a premium export product. Apart from the finest lambanog, muy noble villa de Tayabas is home to one of the country’s four minor basilicas and about a dozen well-preserved stone bridges. These antique structures, as well as the age-old traditions, allow visitors a glimpse of our wealthy history.


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