You might have questions we already have answers for. If you still have questions after reading this, feel free to email us at cultureshockph@gmail.com.

Who are you?

We are CULTURE SHOCK PH, a travel group that takes you to beautiful places in the Philippines and allow you to experience its diverse culture first-hand.

Why the name “Culture Shock?”

Culture shock refers to the impact one may feel when entering a way of life different from what one is used to. We see that not only foreigners, but even many of our fellow Filipinos are estranged to our culture. CULTURE SHOCK PH aims to reconnect us with our culture & heritage through trips that make people aware of the richness of the Philippines.

Why choose a tarsier for a mascot?

Tonyo is a Philippine tarsier. He symbolizes the wide-eyed wonder and curiosity we have in exploring the country. We also think his eyes express perfectly what being [culture] shocked looks like.

What kind of trips do you offer?

We have Food tours, Heritage tours and Fiesta tours.

I understand Food tours and Heritage tours, but what are Fiesta tours?

Fiesta tours are special trips designed for participants who wish to not only witness a Philipine festival, but experience the behind-the-scenes part of it as well. Depending on the fiesta, CULTURE SHOCK PH goes to the town 1-2 days before the festival in order to take part in the preparations and other activities known only to the local community.

My friends and I want to visit a place not listed in the destinations you offer. Can you still arrange a tour for us?

Yes, you can tell us which place you want to visit and how you want the tour to go by shooting us an email at cultureshockph@gmail.com. Same goes if you are not available on our scheduled trips and would want to visit on a date of your preference.

What are included in your packages?

Most of our packages include

  • roundtrip transportation (from the meeting place to the destination and back) via chartered van
  • food (breakfast, lunch, merienda, and merienda cena for Food Tours)
  • entrance fees
  • donation fees
  • guide fees
Who are the tour guides?

The CULTURE SHOCK PH team is composed of young and creative professionals who are passionate about Philippine culture & heritage. They study each destination carefully in order to give the most informative tours in the most interesting way possible. Do not be surprised if they suddenly pull things out of their sleeves.

How do I join your trips?

You can go to our Book A Trip page and fill out the reservation form, confirm your reservation by depositing the downpayment, and show up at the meeting place on the day of the tour.

Great! Thanks!

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  1. Hi there !
    Good luck with your new venture ,

    Maybe you would consider Siargao Island as one of your destinations ?
    The Northern part of this beautiful Island is mostly undiscovered by Tourism , unlike it’s counterpart General Luna .

    We have Caves , waterfalls , secret lagoons , historic towns and Fishing villages all of which I am sure would be a real ‘Culture Shock’ to those that have lived mostly in the Big Cities .

    Once again good luck and maybe we’ll see you here one day !

    • Hey Tom!

      Thank you so much for the suggestion! We hear many wonderful things about Siargao and we’d love to visit some time!

      Keep in touch with us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/CultureShockPH) and you’ll definitely be posted when we have new destinations!

      Thanks again! 🙂


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